Editorial Content Strategy

Robust editorial content strategy is key to successful external communications programs. But, sometimes your editorial content is not reaching your principal audience to drive the business results you want. In that case, you may need support structuring, revising, or expanding your editorial content strategy to amplify your brand with storytelling that enhances brand connection and customer demand. I offer strategic consulting that helps you build or refine your editorial content plan to improve audience engagement or conversion.

Leveraging my storytelling and strategic expertise, you can get clarity, direction, and traction to achieve your external communications objectives. My strategic offerings include:

√ Communications assessments
√ Competitive analysis and market intelligence
√ Audience mapping summaries and development
√ Editorial content creation
√ Website copy optimization
√ Visual branding and graphic design guidance
√ Client experience content
√ Brainstorming or ideation
√ Ideal client persona development
√ Brand positioning and external messaging
√ Strategic editorial calendar creation
√ Mapping KPIs and business strategy to content
√ Editorial content distribution
√ Project management and execution

Whether we do plan a single strategy from the list above (or another you determine you need) or a full discovery project with a strategic blueprint as the final deliverable, I'm confident I can offer you the professional guidance you need. 

But, to help execute these projects seamlessly, I follow an established set of of parameters to provide my strategic solutions.

How I Work

If you're interested in editorial content strategy, that starts with a 15-30 minute introductory call. If we move forward, we would start our work together with paid consulting time. If your ask is for brainstorming or ideation (sometimes called "brain picking"), we establish a fee for those services and you pay me in advance for them. Afterward, I provide a report to you about what we discussed and how I suggest you move forward.

If we agree a much more in depth paid discovery project is ideal, we establish a written, task-oriented scope for the project. I then provide you a working quote, and invoice for prepayment. Once we complete the discovery project, I generate a project blueprint exclusive to your firm and developed to meet its specific business or corporate communications strategic objectives.

After that paid discovery project, if we agree I should to work with you to complete your project, I will provide the additional fees required to continue. Otherwise, you will have a strategic blueprint you can use to produce your project in-house or to hire another consultant to do the work.

Please review additional policies here.

Investing in Excellence

Value-focused clients who want the expertise, quality deliverables, and professionalism I offer benefit most from my solutions. Committed to getting the best outcomes, those clients expect to make an investment in my services commensurate with my educational background and professional experience. Compensation also gets determined by specific project components, originality, depth, and breadth.

Most clients contract with me to write specific editorial content aligned with their establish corporate communications strategy. With those clients, I negotiate fees commensurate with my writer’s background and experience, but considering my educational background, too.

We should discuss your budget during our brief introductory call to determine if I can provide services within your resource constraints.

Let's Strategize Together

Like any consultant, I work with multiple clients simultaneously. The firms that gain the most from engaging me for their communications projects are like the highly respected brands identified here under "Brand Client Experience."

Working strictly remotely, my aim is to collaborate with your team, integrating into it where needed, to provide written deliverables and related editorial content and graphic design direction.

Besides the organizations identified here, I work with thriving, well-funded  fintechs. I provide my services only to firms of this caliber.

If your ready to amplify your brand with stellar storytelling strategy that helps you produce content that connects, compels and converts, contact me and let's get started.

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