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The 4 Most Expensive Luxury Cars

In summer, 2017, I was a regular contributor to the new Hertz blog and wrote this first post is about four super luxury cars only the wealthiest make their regular vehicles. Hertz's editors gave me the title and chose the cars based on my love of supercars (my favorite two are at the top of this list!) and my general knowledge of fine driving machines. This short post shows my ability to write quick, fun posts that draw audiences in and keep them excited. (Image: Flickr User Decio "desmodex"

Must-See Attractions for an Authentic Cape Cod Experience

Cape Cod is the 70-mile peninsula shaped like a flexing bicep, making a fist that juts from the southeast corner of Massachusetts. About 100 miles from Boston and Logan International Airport and affectionately called “The Cape” by locals, it’s best known for legendary seafood caught in lobster bays that are part of 556 miles of unspoiled beaches. The area is the origin of the classic Cape Cod-style home that is popular across America, and the architecture is a core part of its landscape. Learn more about the Cape and the best places to visit for an authentic Cape Cod experience.

Lavish Lodging: Luxurious Places to Stay on Michigan's Mackinac Island

This vacationer’s haven, created for wealthy travelers in the 19th century, is a summer resort island with no franchise hotels. It maintains its 19th-century ambiance and old-world hospitality while offering numerous modern amenities. That includes full digital capabilities to keep you connected so that you can stay on the grid — if you’d like — and relax effortlessly. Learn why you should visit "Mackinaw" Island. (Image: Pixabay)

Historic Virginia Getaways That Are Ideal for Romance

If you and your partner are history buffs who love to indulge in getaways that are ripe with opportunities for romance, add Virginia to your list of states to visit. The “lover’s state” is where many of the country’s founding fathers and presidents lived and loved. Wine historians also appreciate that it’s home to one of America’s first wine countries. “Thomas Jefferson was the state’s first commercial winemaker,” says Charles McCool, Washington, DC travel expert.

Cruising the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

In Kentucky, bourbon isn’t just a drink. It’s part of the state’s culture and history. The Kentucky Distillers’ Association created the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 1999 to showcase bourbon’s heritage. As you hit the road to discover America’s only native spirit, you’ll get to know the major bourbon brands, sample classic Kentucky cuisine, learn a bit of history, and enjoy miles of scenic rolling hills and bluegrass fields along the drive. (Image Source: Pixabay)

6 Things You Can't Live Without Your Freshman Year

When you’re shopping for your freshman year of college, buy everything on the list your school provides, and invest in the best tech tools you can. But, as a college freshman, you also need creature comforts and conveniences to make you feel at home in your new living space. That can help your academic and social shift from high school to college go more smoothly. Here are 6 things a former college freshman says you shouldn't live without.

Emergency Guide: Disaster Planning for College Students

Most of the time, college is safe and fun, but it's not always disaster-proof. What would you do if you faced a natural disaster, especially if your college locale isn’t your permanent residence? It’s good to know how to respond before it happens, so start your planning by gathering whatever information you can. As you would for any class, take advantage of readily available information already compiled, including information that your independent rental insurance agent provides.

Women Are Driving Healthcare: How Recent Trends are Changing Healthcare Delivery for Women

With its 2019 Women's Care Specialty Excellence Awards release, Healthgrades explored current trends and developed a data-driven, comprehensive white paper to share our findings. Our research includes data from the women who come to our site and represents nearly 70% of the monthly traffic on and also includes what they search for when seeking OB-GYN services. This research confirmed that today, women are healthcare provider most influential patients.
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