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 Writing content that helps you get noticed, not lost in the noise—or ignored completely.

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About Me

I'm an award-winning business finance journalist and personal and business finance editorial content writer. I combine logic and creativity with business acumen and financial subject matter expertise to help financial brands plan their external messaging in revelatory ways. Since 1997, I've helped clients achieve their communications goals with content that tells, not sells.

My Backstory

I've been a 'grand storyteller' as long as I could speak. A precocious and avid advanced reader, I started following the finance media in elementary school. I've loved banking since I first walked into one around the same age. Private banking has fascinated me since I worked in a large bank's private wealth solutions division early in my working years. 

I've also loved all things digital since seeing the internet in action in high school. Ever entrepreneurial, I began digital content writing and marketing in college, building my first web page for a promotional campaign as a first year student. Shortly after college, I launched my communications business and haven't looked back.

While I've provided editorial content solutions for sectors outside finance, I've done that to support readers who want to develop, grow, manage, and enjoy their wealth. The content on this site reflects all those interests.

Today, I'm combining my life and work experiences to offer my talents primarily as a finance journalist, and editorial content writer and content strategist for wealth industry clients. 

Keep reading to learn what you get when you work with me. 

Content That Connects, Captivates, and Converts 

I like to say, "I speak money," because of my zeal for finance and my commitment to financial education in my work. My expertise lies in creating engaging editorial content that assists your audiences in understanding complex personal finance concepts, enabling them to make informed financial decisions and achieve their financial goals. I help your readers answer their financial questions, manage their money, and build, maintain, and transfer their wealth. 

"I write content that helps you get noticed, so your message doesn't get lost in the noise—or worse, ignored."

I also provide editorial content that identifies ways your readers can enjoy their wealth, like travel, lifestyle, and real estate investing. I use my capabilities as a researcher and expert source interviewer to tell rich, data-backed stories readers crave. 

The bottom line? I provide the brands I work with editorial content that connects with, captivates, and converts their audiences to brand users. My content provides experiences that help you attract and keep your readers coming back to you for more.

Stellar Media and Brand Experience

This is my complete personal and business finance writing portfolio for those interested in working with me to create content for their middle market or large corporate financial brand. I've written as a journalist for elite media brands including Forbes, Forbes Advisor,,,, Yahoo,, Medium, and Black Enterpise.

I've also provided my solutions as editorial content strategist writing for exceptional financial services industry brands including Prudential, Fifth Third Bank Wealth and Asset Management, Raymond James, Diners Club International, MetLife, New York Life, Allstate, Trusted Choice, Trulia, Homelight, and The Mortgage Reports. My work includes luxury travel and lifestyle content for CORT Furniture Rental, Hertz, Diamond Resorts, and Gayot

Established English-speaking digital marketing firms and content marketing platforms, particularly those targeting American audiences, have benefited from my services, too. So have well-funded fintech startups.

I also provide writing and strategy solutions for nonprofit organizations in certain sectors. Please view Corporate Communications and Content Strategy Projects on my Projects page to learn more about those.

A Lifelong Learner

Growing up with a father who was a college professor meant learning became central my life. Whether it's formal education or upskilling, I'm always seeking new knowledge or gaining new skills. 

So far, I've earned a bachelor's from Wellesley College in political science and economics and a master's in corporate communications from Georgetown University. I also expect to complete my Doctor of Education (EdD) degree in organizational change and leadership from the University of Southern California in December 2023. 

I'm now pursuing certifications in various aspects of financial and change communications. I keep "upskilling" in the latest content strategy and storytelling methods. That means you always work with someone who is up-to-date on what's going on in industry and culture.

A Trusted Advisor

My objective is to build our business relationship around trust by adding value to your wealth or finance brand that leads to increased client attraction and retention. 

But, I only can serve you if I understand completely what you appreciate most in an editorial content strategist (who also happens to be editorial content writer and journalist). That starts with a conversation that brings you clarity by my learning what you want by asking solid questions. That discussion also brings you new revelations editorial content strategy success.

Review my Projects page for some full strategies I've developed and executed— or helped clients to complete. Also view my portfolio to see the journalism and editorial content writing work I've done for recognized B2C and B2C media and brands. Those pages show who's trusted me to meet their business needs.

Then, contact me for more details on how I can most benefit your external communications team. 

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